Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette Review

26 September 2016

If you read beauty blogs or if you are on Instagram, then you have probably seen the Sleek Solistice Highlighting Palette. I had been seeing this palette on blogs but I still wasn't sure how it would be on a woman with my skin tone. I decided to get it when Boots was doing a 2 for £12 sale on Sleek products, I feel like all my blog posts have this line. What can I say? I LOVE a good sale. With only £6 to lose, I decided to take a step of faith and purchase this palette.

Sleek is known for their black matte packaging so the packaging of this palette really sets it apart from its peers. The Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette comes in a shiny, warm gold metallic compact complete with a mirror and a magnetic closure.

The palette comes with instructions on how to use the different shades. I've never been one to follow instruction so I've never used the palette the way Sleek suggests. It also comes with a small stiff brush so I advise that you get a nice brush to apply this product, I suggest the Real Techniques Setting brush (you can check out my mini review here)

The palette is so beautiful on the outside but the inside contains the real beauty. The actual highlighters look good enough to eat. I did not use this palette for like two weeks because of fear of making it imperfect.

The palette comes with two baked powders, one luxurious cream formula and one silky shimmer powder. All of them have a very creamy formula.

Top - Left to Right - Ecliptic, Hemisphere
Bottom - Left to Right - Subsolar, Equinox

I am going to attempt to do my very best to describe the colours but they are so unique that I am not even sure how to articulate the exact description.

Ecliptic  is a bronzy gold cream highlighter. Sleek advises that you use it to highlight the brow bone but I have used this on my cheeks, chin and bridge of the nose.

Hemisphere is a lilac baked powder. I was afraid of this shade, I mean it's lilac. It is very unlike anything I've ever used. But the pigmentation is so intense and it just looks stunning. Sleek recommends using it on the cheek bones.

Subsolar is a yellow silky shimmer powder. It creates a gorgeous golden shimmer. Sleek advises using it on the bridge of the nose.

Equinox is the other baked powder and it is a peachy shimmery powder. Sleek recommends using it on to highlight the cupid's bow.

From the swatches, you can see how pigmented the highlighters in this palette are. They are very smooth, creamy and blendable. They don't appear patchy on the skin and they are very long wearing.

I have used every shade in this palette and I can find no fault. Four highlighters for even the full retail price of £10 is a steal as far as I'm concerned.

However, if you hurry, you can still get 2 items from the Sleek stand Boots for £12.

Do you have any of the Sleek Highlighting Palettes? What do you think about them?


  1. I think I need this one in my collection! It looks amazing, such beautiful shades!!
    Katerina xx
    P.S. Kate|

  2. Looks beautiful! Do you think any of these shades could double as an eyeshadow?

    Wunms K |


    1. So sad that I have never actually tried them as eyeshadows but I think it could work. I will try it and get back to you on that.

  3. This is a great full and well-written review Sleek Makeup Palette Solstice. I've been taking this palette makeup. I really like the texture is very soft and tender little feelings for the skin.

  4. I have not yet seen a similar brand of shadows. it seems to me that I like not a bad set for the eyes. I think I should try these colors for the eyes


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