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2 November 2016

Tomi Kay Does Beauty Drugstore Low end highlighters

I have to apologise, big time! I have not updated my blog for such a long time and I promise I have a good reason. So basically, I am the most disorganised person ever and the biggest procrastinator yet.

Ok ok that's not exactly the reason but it kind of is. I was offered new job in Manchester over a month ago. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! It is such amazing news, I am super pumped. I spent most of my days looking for available properties within my budget and in a decent distance to work. I spent my nights thanking God for my new job and praying that I don't move to the crime central of Manchester. And my weekends were filled with me jumping on trains, viewing properties, walking around Manchester in awe and decluttering my apartment. After all the disappointing house viewings and stress of moving to the new city, I am ectastic to be in Manchester and I'm loving the j-o-b.

So into the blog post I go, I am a big big fan of highlighting. I absolutely love a healthy glow. My makeup look is not complete without my cheek bones, brow bone, bridge of nose, cupid's bow and chin glowing. I appreciate a good highlighter more during the Autumn and Winter months, there's just a way the colder temperature makes my makeup super matte and almost a little dull. I have decided to share with you my favourite low-end highlighters.

Tomi Kay Does Beauty Drugstore Low end highlighters Technic Kiko 208
Left to Right: Technic Get Gorgeous Bronzing Highlighter, Kiko Water Eyeshadow 208

Kiko Water Eyeshadow 208

Safe to say that this eyeshadow is a cult favourite. It has been termed as the dupe for the MAC Whisper of Guilt. I was not lucky enough to get my paws on the MAC Limited Edition Extra Dimension. I have to say this is an amazing highlight, funny enough, I have never used it as an eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is such a stunning light gold colour. I am sure it would be absolutely beautiful on the eyelids. Basically, you are getting an eyeshadow and a highlighter for the lovely price of £8.80. If you are like me and you always walk into Kiko when there is a sale (they are always on one sale or the other), you could get this eyeshadow for half the price.

Technic Get Gorgeous Bronzing Highlighter

This is the cheapest highlighter I own and that has not reduced the quality of this highlighter. The only thing that points to cheap with this highlighter is the flimsy packaging which I forgive. I mean it is a £2 highlighter. This gold toned highlighter is very easy to apply and has a beautiful pigmentation, so a little goes a long way. It has a beautiful texture and is easy to blend. It comes off on the skin as a beautiful gold shimmer.

Tomi Kay Does Beauty Drugstore Low end highlighters Makeup Revolution Rock on world
Left to Right: Makeup Revolution Rock on World, Makeup Revolution Ready To Go 

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer Rock On World

This is a staple highlighter for me and a major fave. It is actually a baked bronzer but on my NW50 skin tone, it is a perfect highlighter. Rock On World is a dark copper with metallic sheen. The pigmentation on this baked bronzer is super intense. It is also long wearing. The best of everything is that it only comes to £4. If you are lucky enough to waltz into Superdrug on one of their 3 products for the price of 2, you could get this baked bronzer for free.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer Ready To Go

When I saw this Baked Bronzer, I was surprised because I can't see it as a bronzer on any skin tone. I was sure it would make a nice highlighter on me and I am not disappointed. The pigmentation, as is the case with the other Makeup Revolution items I own, is everything. It has a beautiful shimmer. It blends very easily so you don't need to panic if you are little heavy handed. Due to the pigmentation of this Baked Bronzer, you can use this to create a full on look or you can use it the way I usually do, for a subtle natural glow.

Tomi Kay Does Beauty Drugstore Low end highlighters Sleek Solstice
Top to Bottom: Sleek Solstice Palette, NYX Liquid Illuminator

NYX Liquid Illuminator Pure Gold

This is a liquid highlighter which is very different from my regular powder highlighters. This liquid gold is amazing under foundation for an effortless all over sun kissed glow.
This highlighter is not only perfect on the face but also to create a glow on your decolletage. Next time you are wearing an off shoulder outfit, rub some of the NYX  on your skin and see how many compliments you'll get. It applies and blends very easily

Sleek Highlighting Palette Solstice

This palette comes with four unique highlighters for the amazing price of £9.99. The highlighters are very pigmented with great longevity. I won't go into detail, you can read my full review here.

What are some of your favourite low end highlighters?

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