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31 January 2017

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Prior to blogging, I read a few blogs and spent countless hours on Instagram but I was oblivious to the trends among bloggers. Since joining the blogging scene, I have read a whole lot of blogs, followed Instagram pages and I have noticed a few similarities among bloggers, cliches one may call them. I have decided to share them.

1. Ikea Alex drawers - Because where else are you going to fit all those eyeshadow palettes

2. Ikea Skukar plant pot - Who cares what they were created for, I'm just going to store my for makeup brushes in them because everyone else is doing it

3. Fur rug - Can someone say Ikea ...

4. Ikea white desk - Let's hope it never gets dirty

5. Minimalist Instagram Theme

6. Acrylic Makeup Storage -If it's good enough for the Kardashians then its good enough for me

7. Cinema Lightbox - My blog name or blog post has to be in bright lights

8. Candles - especially Jo Malone

9. Marble Background

10. Succulents

Tomi Kay Does Beauty Blogger Blogging Blog Trends

11. Flat Lays - A good flat lay is worth more than a thousand photos

12. Rose gold props - The flat lay is incomplete without the rose gold

13. Flowers - Who knew Peonies were so photogenic?

14. Blurry Background - The beloved 50mm lens to create the perfect bokeh effect

15. Kate Spade stationery - I mean they look great on camera

16. Girl Boss book - Does anyone read the book or is it just for the aesthetics

17. Rings as props - especially rose gold

18.  MacBook/ Imac

19. Staged desk shots - Because a good desk shot can tell any story, just read the caption

20. Fashion Magazines - Vogue and Elle seem to be good blogger reads

21. Framed inspirational quote - She believed she could so she did

22. White, minimalist blog - Because all that colour is too distracting.

23. H and M home - Basically

24. Tea/ Coffee shots - Do you drink the tea after you post on Instagram? Or was the coffee never hot to begin with?

25. Macaroons - Are they ever eaten or just to be double clicked on Instagram?

This was a fun post for me to write and I hope you enjoy it. I am guilty of 14 cliches and counting because we never know, I may decide to visit the home section of H&M.

Have you noticed any of these cliches? Which ones are you guilty of?


  1. Lmaoo! The only thing I'm guilty of is #18. This has me questioning if I'm a real blogger������. I love your blog girl! Keep up the amazing work.

    Blog: mirabelehirim.com

    1. Who doesn't love a good Apple product. Maybe you are better than me, I am so guilty. Thanks for stopping by Mirabel.

  2. Looool. Loved this!!! I'm still on team flatlay tho!! 😂

  3. These are so spot on! Especially all of the ikea stuff, I'm guilty of getting that classic white ikea desk! It's so good as a white background for my blog photos though....? haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I am guilty of the white ikea desk as well Julia. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Replies
    1. That is the exact reaction I was going for. I had so much fun writing it.


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